Simple City was created to offer solutions in global mobility, providing support in the search for a better and professional performance for those who are moving to another town.

However, we do it in a different and innovating way.

With our experience, we have created a new model of service bound to serve the interests of companies and individuals, being much more effective, accurate, and counting on partners known by their excellence.

Not everything needs to be complicated.

We want to do it better, more accessible, simple and efficient.

That’s how Simple City was born.


Single contact point

We provide one single contact point from the beginning to the end of the process, throughout the way.

We have goals

Our goal is to find the ideal property as fast as possible.

Cost under control

You know exactly how much will be paid for each service.

We love what we do

Because we love what we do, we keep on doing it better and better each time.

Collaborative Model

We have the best partners, who share the same goals.

On the move

We are always updated about the best practices existing, in order to provide an innovating service.

Own System

All service orders are done in a unique place, preventing from data loss and providing history record.

Compliance with GDPR

We follow the rules of the European Union GDPR, about protection of privacy and personal data.


I have had the opportunity to work with Wania Goncalves and Paloma Weyll on a few different projects in Rio. I can state unequivocally that I would not have been as successful without the knowledge of the market and the many valuable contacts they both have.

 Although I was working in a foreign country and did not yet understand the language, I immediately felt more confident because of the support I received from Wania and Paloma. Their knowledge and skills were critical to the success of the project which included bringing a significant number of expatriate personnel to Rio and providing them with long-term housing options as well as vehicles and all of the necessary paperwork required by different government agencies.

 I highly recommend Wania and Paloma for anyone that is interested in professional and successful support in your relocation and activities in Brazil.



Danny LonganacreBusiness Services Manager, The Americas BG Group

There is a phrase ‘O Brasil não é para iniciantes’ (Brazil is not for beginners) and this certainly is the case when moving to this beautiful and fascinating country from overseas. Paloma coordinated my family relocation the UK several years back and helped us navigate the maze of complexity that any new country always appears to provide with the mountain of official paperwork required across a network of multiple agencies and organisations.  A few challenging curve balls were also thrown in for good measure and to keep Paloma on her toes! Paloma was very adept at professionally dealing with such situations through her knowledge, skills, integrity and personality. This applied to all aspects of our relocation both into and out of Brazil and ongoing support whilst we settled in and enjoyed life in Rio de Janeiro.  Simple City offers a very transparent, modern accessible and customisable service, building on a vast amount of experience and which puts them head and shoulders above the traditional way of doing things. Remember ‘O Brasil não é para iniciantes’ and Simple City are the experts.

Julian BessaVP Exploration