We are highly experienced professionals from the corporative market of Oil & Gas, and strong players in the area of Facilities and Global Mobility, responsible for hiring and managing Relocation services (assistance to professionals who are being located in other countries) to professionals arriving in Brazil or leaving the country.

During this period, we had to create adaptations upon the services provided by the Relocation companies, in order to make them work effectively in the environment where we were, whether building the structure of the team supposed to attend us, or creating procedures for the communication to be more efficient.

When the opportunity came, we decided to do something groundbreaking, providing a service that differs from the traditional model of problem solving for anyone who needs support at settling in the city.

Paloma Weyll  

My first contact with the Global Mobility universe took place in 2003, when two Norwegians, Gro and Mette, asked for my support in buying, legalizing and furnishing a flat in Guarajuba, located in Linha Verde, 42 Km from Salvador. That was enough to make me fascinated by this universe.

Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work at big companies and to understand how the expatriation process works as a whole. I got to accompany the preparation of the professionals, the estimate of costs involved, hiring and implementing cultural trainings, expatriation policies, visas and moving.

Besides, I have hired myself relocation services to provide the due support in the arrival, stay and departure of such professionals.

Along this time, I was able to work with the Human Resources area of many different countries (Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, United States, Nigeria, Angola, Tanzania, England), which made this journey far more enlightening, and has contributed a lot to the background I’m proud to have nowadays.

Those were the times I got to notice a shortfall in the model of the relocation business. The services provided were too inflexible, expensive, and were never able to meet all the needs of the hiring companies and their professionals.

I’m graduated in International Relations, I have an MBA degree in International Trade and Master Degree in International Cooperation by the Universidade Complutense of Madrid, Spain. In 2010, I was entitled Global Mobility Specialist by Worldwide ERC, which is an institution dedicated to study and exchange knowledge concerning the Global Mobility area, to which I’m still associated.

Wânia Gonçalves

Problem solving is my passion. In most of the companies where I worked, I ended up involved with the Human Resources area, even though I was a Facilities professional, by providing support to expatriates, even when such activities were not directly under my responsibility.

In Vivo, I got to work with Spanish and Portuguese executives. That was when I realized the assistance to foreign professionals was both expensive and little flexible, and I always kept in mind a model of service that would be able to align customized assistance and fair and accessible cost.

In BG Brasil, I was able to work with expatriated from 11 different nationalities, and that old thought began to take shape.

What moves me, both personally and professionally, is the possibility to help people. And, concerning the expatriates, that is translated in the chance to make them feel home, by putting myself in their shoes.

I’m now finally getting to concretize this old wish, but in an innovating way, supported by the technology, which has always fascinated me.

I’m graduated in philosophy at Universidade Católica de Salvador, where I also got to study Business and Administration, and I’ve worked as the Administrative Manager of companies as Vivo, Grupo Technip, Global Industries and BG Brasil.



To make the client feel welcomed, even being far from home


To provide the best solutions in mobility, in an accessible, simple and effective way.

What move us
  • To act with honesty and integrity
  • To develop and recognize the diversity of talents, initiatives and commitment inside our team.
  • to build an innovating and motivating work environment


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